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A  Prophetic Image!



The Healer above, look at the baby in the womb (the vision) and the hand of God on it.  This piece was painted in July of 2007; I remember painting this piece in part, basing it, anointing it, praying over it and then painting it.

While mixing the colors for this piece I was in so much pain, (like labor) but in my mouth (tooth pain).  As I mixed the colors and start placing on the canvas the tears fell down my face, but I continue to paint and place each color on the canvas.  The pain started to go away and the beauty of the colors can to life.  It was if the hand of God was place on my pain and I got my healing.

Jesus is our healer.

The Prophet is the mouth of God and some times, it is pain in the words but there is also healing.

Evangelist Jimmie Gyamerah

This is the end of another year and as we look forward to the new year I would like to redirect our hearts to the place between the porch and the alter. This is a place that have been forgotten and the Lord is calling his people back to that place. God wants to meet us personally, therefore he said to me to tell the people L.O.Y.F.
I said Lord what does that mean and he said again to L.O.Y.F. and as I stayed in his presence he began revealing the meaning of the four letters and they are as follows
L ...........Lie       O.........On       Y.............Your        F........Face
I said Lord tell me more the Lord said this is what I demand from my people, that they would lie on their faces before me and wait for my directions for their lives, ministries, careers, dreams, goals and especially their families. 

The word of God said seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all other things shall be added unto you. Saints as we lie on our faces before the Lord he will reveal all things to us and lead and guide us into all truth.

May God bless and keep you and may the Lord cause his face to shine upon you and give you peace.

Be Bless
In the service of our King
Pastor Steve  Belgrove
His Majesty International Fellowship 

December 31, 2007

As we embrace a new year, 2008 there will be many changes for the body of Christ. For the Lord is saying unto thee...To release the OLD and EMBRACE the new thing he is doing within the body of Christ. God is pouring out his spirit of Evangelism as never before in this upcoming year. The church will move from being stagnant to being vibrate, joyous and progressing in ministry. This year will signify an OPEN MARKET...where the body of Christ will have all access to the things He has promised us for this century. No longer, will the preacher be able to minister the word of GOD as usual but the pure Glory of God will avail itself and the SHEKINAH GLORY will meet us in the temple again.

Bethesda International Ministries.....Pastor/Elder Claudette Wilson

December 1, 2007

The Lord just dropped the word Triumph in my spirit for 2008.

Triumph mean: Success, Occasions of winning, Outstanding success, Great achievement, Victorious, Overcoming.  The Spirit of the Lord is saying 2008 will be a year of Great Triumphs. Not only will the body of Christ walk in a season of New Beginnings but will also walk in victory in the things that the Lord has given those who has allow Him to take them through the process of completion.

The Spirit of the Lord is saying,  the traps and tricks the enemy used  to hinder the people of God in the past, no longer has the power to cause His people to lose focus and hope in this coming season.

Every - Disappointment

Every - Failure

Every - Setback

God is saying it's over and the year of 2008 has begun!

The Lord is saying be not afraid of the New Dreams, New Visions, New Anointing. Be not afraid to step out into the deep, for in this next season the Lord has called for the changing of the guards.  He is and has raised up new guards to stand on the Frontlines.  This is why many experienced great warfare in 2007.  But just as you experienced great warfare in 2007, the Lord is saying you will have Great Triumphs in 2008!   

Many will say that's not of God, many will say he or she has lost their mind.  But the Lord is saying  Do what HE tell you for HE will show great wonders in the land, say only what HE tell you and HE will cause the wind of healing to come to those who has been wounded in the battle. 

The Year of Triumph

Prophetess Tammy Morgan

December 26, 2007

Tammy Morgan Ministry

2008 will be a very dynamic and powerful year. 

 You will be blessed with greater anointings, with greater understanding and more powerful gifts.  You will be asked to pray and  fast more.  You will also be asked to come out of your comfort zone for the purposes of God.  However, above all you must remember 1 Cor 13, God's perfect love!  Without love all those great works will become wood, hay and stubble before the Lord.  Without love you will not be filled with all the fulness of God (Eph 3:14 - 21). 

If you do not have the love that you need for the Father, lost souls, the poor, the fatherless and widow and especially for those who have hurt you--you must ask God to break your heart of stone!  Ask Him to deliver you from unforgiveness and give you a heart to love and to pray for all.  As you enter 2008 please take the time to measure your heart in all past and present situations with 1 Cor 13, and quickly make any adjustments.  If you do, you will see God bless you above all that you can ask or think and you will experience God's flood gates in 2008. 


Sharing The Light Ministries

Sandy Sims


December 29,2007